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Simplistic thinking fulfills too many wishes

In today's The Embodied Podcast episode I break down another James Hillman quote, "Simplistic thinking fulfills too many wishes."

I discuss the implications of approaching the unconscious as an "I-it" perspective, rather than an "I- Thou" perspective.


When we are relating to the inner images and archetypes from a place of use or utility, rather than cultivating a relationship with them.


The ego getting a healthy dose of relativization and what does that mean?


Can we treat them as if they don't necessarily need to be conquered, but related to.


Hillman said, "Just as we do not create our dreams, but they happen to us, so we do not invent the persons of myth in religion, they to happen to us. The persons present themselves as existing prior to any effort on our part to personify them to mythic consciousness. The persons of the imagination are real."


To meet the Terrible sides of the unconscious is to learn humility and respect for the totality of the archetypal realm. And to have that respect, humility, and reverence in the face of the unknown is really the only way I can see us being able to discriminate between the human and the archetypal.

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