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The Armored Amazon

In today's The Embodied Podcast episode I unpack The Armored Amazon, one of the primary archetypes Linda Leonard unpacks in the book The Wounded Woman Healing the Father Daughter Relationship.⁠

A few days ago on the podcast I mentioned I am starting a workshop series/bookclub on this book in a few weeks.⁠ Why?⁠ Because I have experienced first hand what it feels like to be unconsciously caught in these archetypal patterns...feeling trapped in them.⁠ The intention of these workshop meetings are to discuss those patterns and how to navigate that energy.⁠ "What are some of the common features of the armored amazon? Central is the desire to control. Since she tends to see the man as weak and impotent, or is reacting against his irrational use of power, she seizes the power herself. Being in control makes things seem safe and secure. But along with that control may go an overdose of responsibility, duty, and a feeling of exhaustion."- Leonard⁠ Can you relate??⁠

You can find all the information to join the workshop series by going to:

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