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The Divinity of Dreams

In today's The Embodied Podcast episode I discuss how the act of dream tending is a sacred act that can pull us into a deep and reverent relationship to the divine.

I also discuss Asclepius, the god of healing and medicines and his relationship to dream incubation.


There is innate wisdom of the psyche that that shows itself when we dream and because we often have a more rational way of seeing the world, we tend to miss out on that deeper innate wisdom of psyche.


We become awakened by the dream itself and that is such a paradox because we're asleep when we dream, but yet something awakens in us.


Dream incubation is a sacred process that evokes a sacred relationship with the dreamworld, to bring us not only physically closer to the divine entering into our body, but closer also to that spiritual presence that the dream evokes within.


We often just project literalized forms of the dream onto the outer world. For example, we have a dream of our partner cheating on us and we get pissed at our partner, as if that is really our partner in our dreams, there, we've literalized it and projected outwards.


Rather than just approaching our dreams asking, "What does this symbol mean? Or what does this image mean," perhaps we can allow for a cultivation of a sacred relationship to the divine energies that are coming through the dreams.

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