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Old Book

Man's Search for Meaning

 Book Club

with Danielle McGinnis and Rick Alexander

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  • A welcome video detailing out the plan ahead and prepares the group

  • Three-month syllabus and access to the community- including a dedicated online forum and fluid way to connect and build relationships with other bookies like you;

  • Weekly Content:

    • Weekly prompts that follow the syllabus and outline suggested readings.

    • We will include our favorite quotes within the week’s reading.

    • Suggestions for reframing the content within the chapters to help you stay the course of the chapters.

  • Monthly LIVE ZOOM calls

    • (4+ hours of guidance) led by Danielle and Rick

    • These calls are to dissect the material thus far and will help you take the content during these in depth discussions. 

    • The calls will be recorded and posted to the community within 24 hours post call.

Why did we choose

Man's Search for Meaning?

Dr. Frankl, a prisoner and survivor of the Nazi concentration camps of World War II saw the human condition at its worst, with people behaving in unimaginably intolerable ways.

He also saw human beings rise to heights of compassion, caring, unselfishness, and transcendence. Through his life and work, he reminds us that we all have important work to do, that whatever we do is important, and that meaning can be found everywhere, all the time.

Moreover, he left a legacy that can help everyone, no matter what their situation, find deeper, richer meaning in their lives.

We feel as if this book will serve to be relevant with the current cultural divide we are facing.


Something that all human beings have in common is the desire to create and experience a meaningful life. If you are any part of your life and you are seeking the deeper truths of human nature, this book is for you.

Man's Search for Meaning covers a broad spectrum.

Frankl explores the deepest depths of darkness to finding light in that darkness. 

This book will help you to confront the truest part of life and that is the experience of suffering. 


This is a three month book club running from January-May with the first call

beginning on Sunday, January 31st.

Zoom calls will be held the last Sunday of each month from 5:00-6:00pm MST.

Here’s the exact schedule: 1/31 (introductory/info call), 2/28, 3/28, 4/25


You may purchase in any bookstore, or on amazon. 

We would prefer you ordered a physical copy of the book in order to follow along, highlight, and go back and  reference it easily.


The best part is that all payments are “pay as you wish,” meaning we want all members of this community to feel like this is a place where all are welcome, regardless of your means.

What People Are Saying:

"I loved the interaction and raw vulnerability of the group members. A lot of times I find people will lack the courage to step in the ring of vulnerability.

This group was led with openness and engagement right from the start.

People shared their stories and insights right from the heart and that allowed some very interesting perspectives to consider.

I was highly skeptical about joining a "book club" but thought, what the hell....I love to read and lone turns out that I loved, loved, loved the group sharing.

That was my favorite part for sure.

I learned that everyone has a different "Heroes Journey" and that just being present and actively listening to people can bring so much joy to them.

It doesn't necessarily have to be about the chapter lesson I found to have "ah-ha" moments. Such a good group."


Are the books included? 

Books are NOT included in the program. We encourage you to purchase them in advance of the January 31st start date.

You can purchase the book here. 


What if I’ve read the book before? 

There is a good chance you may have read the book, but you haven’t read the book in this way.

Also, we will be breaking down concepts to ensure that this experience is wayyyyy better than reading it by yourself.

I read really slow. Will I be able to keep up?

We are covering the 200 page book over the span of the next 3 months.

Because the book is approximately 200 pages, that’s approximately 17 pages a week, or 2 pages a day. 


I read really fast. Will I get bored? 

Within the book club, we’re doing more than just reading for the sake of completion. 

We will be reading, journaling, note-taking, thinking, processing, self-coaching, applying.

You will not be bored.


When are the monthly calls?

Calls are on the LAST Sunday of each month from 5:00-6:00pm MST.

Here’s the exact schedule: 1/31 (introductory/info call), 2/28, 3/28, 4/25.


What if I can’t make the monthly Zoom Calls?

All calls will be recorded and posted to our site within 24 hours.

We would prefer if you could make it live, but we understand life happens, in that case you can always submit a question or topic in advance and then listen to the recording for answers, interpretations and/or suggestions on guidance.


Can I join at any time? 

Unfortunately, no.

Registration will close on January 31st before we begin the first call.


Enrollment is OPEN now.

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