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Collaborating with the psyche and body to work with unconscious material in order to establish a deeper & more meaningful relationship with the deep Self and the world around you.

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I believe that you have everything you need to create movement in your life - you may just be experiencing temporary stuckness and suffering.

The movement of the psyche may be hidden and/or lost in the depths.

Perhaps you have not been offered the perspectives you need to be invited into those depths? 


I’d like to invite you into that process today. 


Rather than deeming your struggle an illness, what if we viewed it as an invitation requiring a new perspective, a new path, or a new orientation towards psyche and body?


When you and I work together, our goal is to find that "just right" perspective or orientation for YOU.

This allows life force to move in a way that is inclusive and honors who you have been, who you are, and who you are becoming.


This work is not about hierarchy and achievement.

I believe that the psyche is a democracy and every single thing inside of you deserves attention and integrative opportunity.

This is a place of connection and safety so that you can embrace being present and accepting during this process.


No matter which way you choose to work with me, I will meet you where YOU are on your journey.

This work is meant to be a journey inwards of 'seeing through' symptoms in order to gain access to the Truth in the depths of your being.

This turning inwards will help you cultivate life-affirming relationships, increase your capacity to experience emotions and other sensations,

as well as releasing the exhausting search of finding validation of your worth outside of yourself.

Somatic Experiencing 

Wanting a more intimate experience?

Learn to acknowledge and invoke a creative relationship with unconscious material through

depth psychological oriented 1:1 Somatic Experiencing sessions.

Learn how to foster the imaginal ego, create a greater capacity in your nervous system to process/integrate trauma, improve your emotional intelligence, and engage in dream tending in this intimate 1-1 container.

Join The Upcoming Bookclub


Begins 10/8/23

Join Rick Alexander and I for our next Book Club for the books

The Soul in Anguish by Lionel Corbett

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