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Curious about what it is like to work with Danielle?


Kerry, 1-1

I have felt totally safe and supported every step of the way.

Danielle has been a guide for me, helping me to explore the parts of myself that I have spent years ignoring.

She created a safe space for me to ground myself in while helping me navigate my shadows and connect with the inner parts of my psyche.

I could not have done this work without Danielle and she has changed my life!


Becka, 1-1

I’ve never made so many connections between subconscious actions before and quickly too.

She directs the session very well where you have time to express but also focus on the work to be done


Gwen, Born to Heal

This work is a deeply thought provoking, introspective dive into your heart, mind and soul. Guided by a deeply thought provoking, intelligent human.

"Danielle's ability to make me safe within our container and within my body is something I had NEVER experienced before (including in talk therapy).

Every session leaves me more empowered, more aligned with my true authenticity & soul desire and feeling safer & safer within myself."


The somatic experiencing literally allowed me let go of a burden that I have been carrying for over 30 years.

Danielle guided me through the experience and I felt like a child that had been reborn at the end. I felt FREE for the first time in a very long time. This has been a life changing process for me.

Danielle is so selfless in her approach to helping others heal.

She makes herself available, and isn’t afraid to tackle your questions.

She has the ability to connect in a way that resonates and supports growth.


Dream Tending with Danielle

"I always thought that dreams were just random things that popped up and had no real meaning.

Now, I realize my dreams are so much more than that.

It is my psyche communicating with me.

It allows me to dissect the dream and work in cultivating conversations with other parts of myself.

I am still learning in this process but it has been so beneficial."

"By participating in dream tending, I can see the roots between my conscious struggles and the material in my subconscious.

Now I understand why I sometimes wake up upset or in a bad mood.

I was more than likely processing things I don’t remember."

"I’m in the early stages, but I’m starting to remember dreams more frequently and look at aspects of the dream as opposed to rationalizing the story. I have learned to think about what the dream is telling me as opposed to what it has said."


I was so afraid to do this work.

It was scary and I was afraid of what I would uncover and if I would be able to handle it.

I took the leap and Danielle has been the best guide I could ask for.

She is supportive and always makes sure that I feel safe when beginning the work. I could not have navigated all of my feelings, thoughts, and memories by myself.

Thank you, Danielle, for giving me space, guidance, and support to really get to know myself and better my relationship with myself and with others.

This has been such a rewarding and transformative journey!

Through somatic experiencing with Danielle, I can now consciously identify sensations in my day to day.

It has helped me learn how to navigate a situation with more clarity.

Now I KNOW with confidence when I need to leave a situation that doesn't serve me and/or if I need to stay and pay more attention to what is happening around me.


"Our sessions are agenda less, meaning I (the client) lead the session which in itself is empowering.

As we explore different narratives, Danielle "matches" my pace, which allows me to feel safe while exploring past experiences."

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