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the mother archetype workshop series

An 11-week workshop series/book club dedicated to honoring the work of Sibylle Birkhauser-Oeri in learning about the different styles of the Mother archetype through the study of fairytales.

This workshop series is "Pay What You Want" so you choose the price for the 11-week workshop!

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Why this text?

In my last workshop series we unpacked the book The Wounded Woman by Linda Schierse Leonard, in which Leonard explained how women compensate for cultural devaluation, resorting to passive submission (“the Eternal Girl”), or a defensive imitation of the masculine (“the Armored Amazon”). The Wounded Woman workshop series was all about understanding the father-daughter wound and working to transform it psychologically.

To check out the replays of the last workshop series, head here.


The last workshop constellated more powerful conversation than I have ever had amongst a group of women and I wanted to create a container to do that again with another inspiring and engaging text.

Last time we navigated how modern women are influenced by the unconscious masculine within and this time I want to offer a space to explore how women are influenced by the unconscious feminine within.

"In this text, Birkhauser-Oeri has concerned herself with the question of the mother in the practical world as well as in the deeper regions of the human psyche. With the help of Jungian concepts, this book is designed to offer many women an illuminating perspective on their problems...As the final chapter explains, the image of the goddess, The Great Mother of us all, lies behind many spiritual phenomena of our times in both positive and a pernicious sense.

Sibylle Birkhauser's book is not an ethnic folk tale study.

It compares processes in the unconscious with mythic images in fairy tales in order to bring clarity to what is obscure. It is the distillation of many years of experience and concern with psychic issues during Ms. Birkhauser's personal analysis and her subsequent work as an analyst. 

This book has been written with the intention of helping other people, and I and convinced it will do so. For many it will serve to bring light into the dark areas, so full of vague promise and peril, which confronts us again and again from the "realms of the mothers."

-Marie-Louis von Franz

The events in fairy tales portray a vital psychological reality. 

If we understand them, we gain a new understanding of ourselves.

If we cut ourselves off from this world of images, we are separated from one of the main sources of our own life energy.


-Sibylle Birkhauser-Oeri

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Workshop begins October 31st


Chances are you've heard coaches in the healing space use the word archetype?

Most of the time, the use of archetype in pop psychology is used in an incomplete way.

It is used in a way for people to become over identified with a particular personality style without lifting up whats underneath, without honoring the depth.

When it comes to archetypal work, it is about developing a way of seeing and relating.

It isn't about performing intellectual gymnastics to manipulate psyche to satisfy your needs and projections, it is rather a spontaneous movement of the Gods within.


The archetypal realm is the realm of the mysterious unknown, the primordial patterns that stir beneath is the realm of the Gods.

You are NOT The Mother, or any other archetype, you are a human and you are being influenced by these images and fantasies...

but you are not them.

Seeing the world archetypally isn't just about what makes YOU feel better, it's about allowing the "I" to expand to include that which you cannot see, what moves the essence of your being towards depth.

It is my intention to honor the late Birkhauser-Oeri's exploration of The Mother archetype to teach others how to relate to the archetypal realm with a sense of reverence and respect for the sacred.

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If you are looking to learn about the archetypal patterns that influence women in the way they navigate modern society,
this workshop series is for you!

An 11-week live workshop series for women who are looking to reconnect with the mysteries within in a way that honors the sacred,
while simultaneously nourishing the creative spirit at a soul level...

This workshop series is "Pay What You Want" so you choose the price for the 11-week workshop!

Join by clicking "Donate" below.

Here's how the workshop will flow...

Call 1: 

Orientation Call


The Mother Archetype

Call 2: 

The Terrible Mother

Call 3:

The Jealous Mother

Call 4: 

Metamorphosis into Animals

Call 5: 

The Fire Mother

Call 6: 

The Imprisoning Sorceress

Call 7: 

The Indifferent Mother

Call 8: 

The Poison of the Terrible Mother

Call 9: 

The Mother as Fate

Call 10: 

The Life-Giving Nature Mother

The Healing Nature Mother 

Call 11: 

The Self-Renewing Mother

The Transforming Mother

The Great Mother of our Time

enroll in the mother archetype workshop series today!
the workshop begins on October 31st

11 weeks of 90 minute live training + additional time for Q&A


Access to myself and the other women in a community app


Lifetime access to all recordings 


Weekly support to help integrate the weeks content

Enrollment closes 10/31/22

This workshop series is

"Pay What You Want"

so you choose the price for the

11-week workshop!

Join by clicking "Donate" below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the book included? 


The book is NOT included in the workshop series. I encourage you to purchase it in advance of the October 31st start date.

You can purchase the book here.

2. What if I’ve read the book before? 


If you have read the book, consider that you may have not read the book in this way before.

I will be expanding and inviting new ways to engage with the writing that amplifies the imagination.

This close reading style will offer an experiential approach to the reading.

3. I read really slow. Will I be able to keep up?

I am taking 22 weeks to cover the whole book.

The book is 176, that’s approximately 8 pages a week, or 1.1 pages a day. 


4. I read really fast. Will I get bored? 

Within this workshop series, we’re doing more than just reading for the sake of completion. 

We will be reading, journaling, note-taking, thinking, processing, self-coaching, applying.

You will not be bored.


5. When are the dates of the workshop?

Calls are every two weeks on Monday evening beginning on 10/31 at 7pm EST.


6. What if I can’t make the monthly Zoom Calls?

All calls will be recorded and emailed within 24 hours.

I would prefer if you could make it live, but I understand life happens, in that case you can always submit a question or topic in advance and then listen to the recording for answers, interpretations and/or suggestions on guidance.


7. Can I join at any time? 

Yes, if there is a particular session you want to go for a single chapter, head to my free community here, under events you will find the exact dates for all of the calls and you will find a link to drop in to the call.

Click below to join us.

This workshop series is "Pay What You Want" so you choose the price for the 11-week workshop!

Join by clicking "Donate" below.

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