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Betrayal of the Process

In today's The Embodied Podcast episode I discuss a few quotes from Marion Woodman.

In particular, "there is no such things as failure except betrayal of the process."

I discuss how our "good performer" persona can cloud the psychological process from spontaneously unfolding and disrupting the organic nature of the process.


"There is no examination, no predetermined goal, no such thing as failure except betrayal of the process."- Marion Woodman


When we approach our inner work and we're hyper focused primarily on the outer presentation of the persona, and being the "good performer," we find ourselves waiting for something or somebody to tell us what our "lines" are, what our next moves should be, and what they think we should do.


When we bump into unconscious shadow material, which is deeply connected to the nervous system and the body, the body can become very rigid.


Faith, to me, is moving towards a deep trust in the movement of psyche. I discuss the components of active and a passive faith.

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