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The Necessity of Ambivalence

In today's The Embodied Podcast episode I discuss the necessity of confronting the ambivalence that is inherent when engaging with the soul.

I also discuss the splitting and divisions that happen when we bring something to consciousness.


The archetypal realm is ambivalent and paradoxical by nature; "embracing both spirit and nature, psyche and matter, consciousness and unconsciousness."


Jung said, "We come to the paradoxical conclusion that there is no conscious content, which is not in some other respect, unconscious, maybe too, there is no unconscious psychism, which is not at the same time conscious. The experience of a polarity or split a division is an experience of the egos affinity for consciousness."


If we go into a room and light a candle, what we see from the light of the candle is going to cast a shadow at some place in the room. This is similar to becoming conscious.


If we can recognize that there is an inherent split or division that we are moving towards, when we make things conscious, and we can recognize that there is still unconsciousness in that; we can recognize we are actually moving towards the ambivalence and towards paradox. And that is the beginning of our healing,


Hillman quotes Lao Tzu with the phrase, "Soften the light become one with a dusty world."

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