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Your lover is not a God

In today's The Embodied Podcast episode I discuss how we project Gods onto our partners and when that projection starts to dissolve, we then project the Gods onto psychological diagnoses of the person, like narcissist, or a particular attachment style to avoid meeting the divinity with yourself.

What if they were just an imperfect being trying to get closer to soul, just like you?


Do you feel a deep sense of isolation and loneliness, when you are not in relationship? What if that was a mirror to the ways in which we have become disconnected from the deep divinities that move through us and influence our life?


When our projections begin to dissolve and we realize our partners are imperfect humans, instead of projecting the God on them, do you move the God to a psychological diagnosis and/or try to categorize them into a personality style, an attachment style, etc?


Suggestions on a perspective of dreams of a romantic partner or an ex.


If our outer projections onto people shift from Gods to demonic, it is the thing that will pull us down towards the death of the projection, which gets us actually closer to the soul.

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