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When your NO is in a freeze state

In today's The Embodied Podcast episode I build off of episode 79 of "Shoulds and Shame."

When our early NO is chronically shamed without repair, this can cause disruption in those early fight responses that can have later effects on our adult sense of self.

I discuss the importance of bringing the NO out of freeze.


Establishing the "I-Thou" relationship and differentiating from our caregivers.


Freeze is not a "dead" state in the nervous system. What's beneath that freeze is a lot of unprocessed and thwarted fight or flight energy.


Symptoms and experiences of a thwarted NO in the somatic unconscious.


The vampiric parent who sees their children as an extension of themselves and unconsciously impedes the crucial boundaries between parent and child.


Stripping anger of morality to find the message for greater and wider consciousness.


Learning to wield the sword of anger and how to establish boundaries from contained anger.

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