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When things fall apart

In today's The Embodied Podcast episode I discuss when things fall apart.

I discuss when space opens up following a loss in which an opportunity for the deepening and widening of consciousness can take place if we have a perspective that is inclusive of the downward trajectory of soul.


What enters into the space of loss is an invitation for a deepening and a widening of consciousness.


Attempting to remove the bias towards improvement, ascension, greatness, heroics, conquering, elevating, etc.


Navigating grief and loneliness that come up following a loss and/or descent.


In getting into relationship to the inner drama that is unfolding within, we begin to realize we are never alone in the process.


If we can attend to the subtle space that follows loss, we can find a rich space filled with emotions, fantasies, images, stories, and myths.


Asking, who is it that is the creator of these images, emotions, and fantasies that bust forward into our awareness?


Fragmenting for the sake of attending to the fragmented parts.

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