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When Clarity Becomes Rigid

In today's The Embodied Podcast episode I discuss what happens when the clarity developed around consciousness rigidifies and casts a shadow of darkness and leaves parts of the psyche behind.


Any time we find ourselves approaching the shadow in a very fixed and rigid way, if we are trying to only address the problem and not allow space for creativity, that can create a shadow of the consciousness.


What happens if we avoid labeling and allow the dynamic myth to unfold spontaneously, so that the exploration of the psychic myth creates movement within a rigidified psyche.


"It is that the very thing that is the most espoused or celebrated contains a piece of darkness right at center, clarity and devotion are also obscure. Hillman reminds us of this in the middle of his original Puer-Senex paper saying, we are least conscious where we are the most conscious, the ego makes shadow, the ego is its own shadow, perhaps the ego is shadow."- Glen Slater


The more we cling to the certainty of our consciousness, this can cast a shadow of exclusion of other parts acting within, such as the feminine, such as doubt, such as fear, such as anxiety.


The tendency is to fall back into the ego's consciousness that it has developed and that can become stagnate and rigid if there isn't an inclusion of the myth underneath that is influencing consciousness itself.

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