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Vulnerability is NOT easy

I once had a client tell me, “but it’s easier for someone like YOU to be vulnerable, I wasn’t taught that.”

Of course I held space for her thoughts to be heard, seen, and acknowledged during our coaching call, but here’s the truth of the situation:

My path, your path, NO ONE’s path towards a truer and more expressed existence is easy.

Vulnerability is tender for every human being.

Vulnerability is:

“Here I am with my messy edges, my shame, my fears, my honest truth.”

This invites forward:

“Oh, you struggle too? I see you. It’s okay, I understand.

Here I am too with my also messy edges, my shame, my fears, and my honest truth.”

We can experience DEEP connection with others in this place.

But, Brene Brown’s research states that individuals who have a strong sense of connection and belonging believed they were worthy of it.

People who believed they were worthy of connection experienced greater connectedness.

When people believe themselves worthy of connection, they’re more likely to move towards others.

At a certain time in my life, I did not believe I was worthy of being seen.

I chose relationships, friendships, and professions that confirmed the unworthiness I felt for myself.

Now that I know better, I do better.

I know I am worthy of that so I courageously try my absolute best to show up in that place.

It’s INCREDIBLY hard for me.

I still wrestle with the emotions of sadness from this place, but just remember, we cannot compare our suffering and our vulnerabilities because each person will have uniquely challenging experiences.

If we can hold enough space for someone to actually show up in a vulnerable place, we may actually learn more about them and ourselves in that place!

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