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Are you playing the victim?

In today's solo episode of The Embodied Podcast I discuss how the victim and the rescuer archetypes dance together.

I discuss what is at the root of each and how to empower the victim and how to reach the needs of the rescuer.

Below you find find inquisitive questions to help catalyze curiosity around the way you are behaving in your world.

To listen to today's episode, click here.


"Nobody wants to be the victim, yet everybody has the victim archetype. It is tied to our survival, and there is no way out of it. Victimhood is a universal human experience. Everyone encounters suffering, loss, trauma, violation, and pain. Just as we’re imprinted with the pattern of suffering, we also have the coding to endure the unimaginable."- Caroline Myss


Below you will find the questions I asked during today's podcast to help you recognize and shifts shadow patterns of victimhood or rescuing.

Shining Light on The Victim

  1. We need to ask ourselves with objectivity and honesty what we expect from the universe and what we expect from the people around us.

  2. Do I blame others for the circumstances of my life?

  3. Do I feel victimized by others when situations don’t work out the way I wanted them to?

  4. Do I tend to feel more powerless than powerful?

  5. How do I get my needs and desires met?

  6. When do I find myself in the pits of self-pity?

  7. Do I envy others who always seem to get what they want out of life?

  8. Do I avoid celebrating others for their accomplishments?

  9. In what aspects do I assume responsibility for my behaviors?

  10. What contributions do I make to the world that pull me out of a victim perspective?

Shining Light on The Rescuer

  1. When do I find myself the most exhausted when giving to others?

  2. Do I hold resentment when I help others? When? Who?

  3. What vulnerable parts of myself do I see in the people around me?

  4. Am I drawn or attracted to people who play the victim?

  5. Can I express my needs and desires to others?

  6. Can I easily ask for help and receive help when offered?

  7. In what ways do I block my vulnerability from being acknowledged?


If the information in this episode resonates with you and you desire to begin more in depth and guided work on your inner victim or rescuer,

To read more about the course, click here!

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