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The Unbeaten Path

What if you took a path that no one else is your life has ever taken…your own path.


We tend to avoid taking our personal paths, because our own paths are messy.

They are covered in the metaphorical branches, mud, and worst storms of our lives.

We take the paths of our parents, our significant others, our peers, because they are paved and so much easier to navigate.

But the thing is, at some point, the path of others will no longer be an option for you.

Whether you're 23 and fresh out of college, or 50 years old, miserable in a job you hate...

you reach points in life where you must ask yourself, “What path do I take now?”


Sometimes we walk paths meant for other people so long that we can’t even distinguish our paths from the paths meant for others… how destabilizing is that?

The path is safe, but it feels sooooo wrong. Can you relate?


Psychological safety is defined as, “Being able to show and employ one's self without the fear of negative consequences of self-image.”

Your job in this life is to be able to create and establish your own psychological safety along your own paths.

Studies show that psychological safety allows for moderate risk-taking, speaking your mind, creativity, and sticking your neck out without the fear of having it cut off — just the type of behavior that leads to the expression of the highest version of you.

So I ask, "What do YOU personally need to feel safe on your path?"

Establish your safety, muster up just one ounce of courage and persist on, one step at a time.


I believe the possibility in human potential is limitless.

It’s simply just allowing yourself to FAIL and not allowing that to say ANYTHING about how perfect you are.

As we nurture our ability to create psychological safety within ourselves, we are able to actually tap into our potential to thrive.


Here's another question for you:

"What if you dropped the armor you’ve been carrying on paths that aren’t meant for you?

Have you ever taken a deep look at yourself for who you actually are?"

You are perfect.

No one else is exactly like you, and that’s also perfect, because it gives you the opportunity to express your energy and potential in whatever way is unique to you.


Here is some external validation/permission to catalyze psychological safety for you:

You don’t have to have your student loan debt paid off by 40, or even 50 for that matter.

You don’t have to have washboard abs in your bikini just because someone else does.

You don’t have to be married and have kids by 30 because that's what everyone else is doing and your parents won't get off your back about it.


Life is about figuring out what paths are yours, embracing the beauty of your personal path, having the courage to follow that path, even when its's the unbeaten path, and finally allowing yourself to revel in EVERY aspect of it…the good and bad.


This blog post was inspired by my upcoming Born to Heal course.

The course launches in January 2020.

The course is all about:

  • Releasing yourself from your disempowering habits, behaviors, and thought patterns.

  • Gaining Clarity and Perspective.

  • Reducing the levels of negative emotions of fear, grief and sadness and increasing the ability to experience emotions such as joy, peace, and connectivity.

  • Using mind/body connections to optimize your movement practice.

  • Reconnecting with your truth and giving yourself permission to the most authentic version of you.

  • Living in a way that is more congruent to your truth and value systems.

  • Reconnecting the mind/body/spirit as a unit to improve your current physical, emotional, and spiritual presence.

If you're interested in the concepts above, try out our FREE Born to Heal Mini Course that serves as a free preview to the content that will be covered in January's course!


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