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The Spectrum of Black and White

In today's The Embodied Podcast episode I unpack the spectrum of black and white

Do you get caught in black and white thinking?

When you reflect on the past, do you rank it into ups and downs, goods and bads?

Today's episode is an invitation to create a slow, steady, reflective gaze that allows us to create a more inclusive eye towards darkness that ultimately helps integrate the wisdom of our past experiences.


When we hierarchically rank our past and put value judgments on our past. That's fine if you are looking to always be better, and to always succeed and improve. That works well in our society, because we do have a culture that is very heroically minded. But what if the hero can't help but continue to cut out the bad and only aim for the good? There is no wisdom in dark times.


Knowledge of the past and wisdom of the past are not the same thing. Wisdom has this deeper essence about it, a deeper type of knowing that you are changed in the process of inheriting wisdom. You don't necessarily have to be changed in the process of gaining knowledge.


If we're always aiming up and trying to ascend into goodness and light, what about the inherent darkness, the sadness, tragedy, heartbreak, that is all part of the human existence.


When we look at things as black and white, good or bad, right or wrong, it creates this stark contrast within the human experience. Then, when we add a value judgment and morality onto that, we are unconsciously distancing ourselves and trying to exclude everything that is dark.

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