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The Next Best Step...

Sometimes life is hard, mucky, and messy.

And when it is, it is okay to just focus on your next best step.

Our culture prides itself on false illusions of certainty and future.

If you “do it all” now, your future will be fine.

If you pay off all your student loans in 5 years, you will reach a place of nirvana.

If you have a 5-10 year plan, life is good.

For some people, that is not possible.

For example: for some, taking care of a sick or dying loved one is the ONLY thing that they can focus on right now.

It’s OKAY to not have far reaching future orientation when your world is crashing around you in the present moment.

We need to give ourselves permission to focus on what we can do NOW, not what we “should” be doing.

What we can control is how we process our present moment experience.

Can you be with your present moment experience and validate it?

It’s happening, can you allow yourself to accept the reality of it?

Can you KNOW in your cells that you don’t need to be anywhere but here, focused on the present, listening to your needs, and taking that next self honoring step?

When you realize you are allowed to struggle in a life that is challenging for most, you allow the next step you take to be a step from love, not from fear.

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