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The Nature of Complexes and the Underworld

In today's The Embodied Podcast episode I discuss the mythological and psychological significance of the three headed dog and how it shows up when we are psychologically moving towards the underworld of psyche.


What is myth and its relationship to psyche.


If we're looking at this mythological image, to give us direction and shape around our psychological process, well, perhaps when we're coming into contact with our own inner three headed dog, we are going we are coming into contact with that which is protecting all of the parts of ourselves that have been held in a deadened place in the underworld psyche.


The underworld is not this hellish place of fire and brimstone, but perhaps a lower, hidden, invisible realm that isn't directly accessible to the day world type of consciousness that we typically exist in.


How disintegration and disorientation shakes up the ego orientation to the "day world."

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