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The Alchemical Albedo

In today's The Embodied Podcast episode I discuss the second of the three phases of the alchemical process, the albedo, the whitening

Given the work done on the soul so far, the Whiteness is associated with an important emergence of an alchemical liminality.

This is where the material is no longer black, but is not yet reddened. Psychologically, a receptivity is emerging that catalyzes a deeper connection to the materials of the soul.

"The albedo white refers to alchemical silver as a state of consciousness that proceeds not from the soul as simply given, but from the work done upon it” (Hillman, 1993, p. 77).


The emotions that are emerging from your depths are no maybe no longer feelings of this like deep despair, abandonment, emptiness, depression, but they are also not feelings of passion, feeling centered, feeling fulfilled, and/or happy.


In the albedo, we develop what Jung says is the ability to hear psychologically, and to perceive, fantasy, creating reality, the imagination as real, and the images that are coming forward as very potent and important.


One can make a mistake psychologically, of viewing the Whiteness that has emerged as a place to stop and rest. A return to unconscious paradise.


Beneath all of the superficial, what people are actually feeling, and/or wanting to feel is a sense of aliveness.


I discuss what happens when we take our Shadow work process literally and concretize it into concepts...

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