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The Soul Making Process

In today's The Embodied Podcast episode I discuss a quote by Jungian scholar David Miller,

"A journey into hell is a ‘descent into the imaginal ’and hence it is actually ‘the ascent of the soul,’ providing the ego, ‘a perspective from a soulful point of view."

I unpack what this means as I approach my work bridging traditional Apollonian, rational scientific approaches to psychology, with more Hermetic, nuanced approaches to psychology.


What is the Apollonian view of medicine? That which prioritizes, the scientific method, objectivity, removal of bias, etc.


What is the Hermetic view of medicine? Hermes was a very nuanced, ambiguous God that was able to navigate the liminal spaces, the in between spaces. Hermes helps bridge the polarities.


Maybe if we go down and in, we start to develop a different side to the traditionally rationalized ego. The way that we see ourselves, the way that we see the world, the way that we see psyche through the ego starts to become a little bit more inclusive of the imaginal spaces of what is stirring within.


The unconscious is not a thing, a noun, it's another state of Being, it is like an adjective, or almost like a verb. And so when we go down into these mysterious realms of ourselves, this starts to transform the way that we see into a perspective that offers a soulful point of view.


What do symptoms have to do with this? Can we follow them into the soul?

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