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Naming and Sorting

Let me ask you:

❓Do you struggle to name what you are feeling and experiencing in the midst of overwhelming emotions?

❓Do you struggle with getting stuck in “survival mode” when you experience the unknown?

❓Do you feel like you are wandering aimlessly in your relationships, your career, your spirituality?


These are the problems we focused on in week 1 of Born to Heal

👉We laid the foundations of building nervous system capacity

👉We learned about emotional awareness and regulation

👉We named what is currently making us suffer and we created “goals with soul” that we are going to use positive emotion and desire as a vehicle to help us move closer to those soulful, delicious, self honoring aims!

Why is this important❓

Naming and shining light on your current story helps to recalibrate the mapping of your internal GPS back in a direction towards our own personal, divine intuitive lives ✨❤️

I talked more in depth about this concept in

and you can read more below about why sorting and naming is a crucial part of our journey.

To listen to the episode, click here.


In the podcast, I break down the myth of Psyche and Eros.

In the myth, Aphrodite assigns Psyche four tasks, all of which are symbolic of skills she needs to develop.

Note, that each task requires her to do more than she feels she is capable of doing.

She is initially paralyzed by fear with each task, but as she continues on her path she discovers her internal strength to continue forth on her quest for love.

Task 1: Sorting of seeds

  • Psyche must sort a huge jumble of corn, barley, and poppy seeds into separate piles before morning.

  • The task seems impossible given her time frame, until an army of ants comes to her aid, and helps her sort the seeds.

When a woman needs to make very difficult decisions in her life and has conflicting feelings and loyalties (represented by the corn, barley, and seeds) what can she do?

  • She must look inward, and take an honest look at herself.

  • She must evaluate her motives, her feelings, and her values.

Then, and only then she can separate what is really important in her life from what is insignificant. It is never wise to act until one can clarify their feelings.

That is what the first 6 weeks of my Born to Heal course is constructed around...

the concept of naming and sorting.

This is a journey of intentionally creating internal order through disciplined action with an aim.

  • As Psyche begins to take on the task, ants appear to help her with the task!

  • We can easily imagine how efficient ants are at working towards their aim without distraction.

  • Ants can carry 1000x their weight.

In life, when we feel burdened with the weight of our own tasks of sorting,

and the weight of society, we feel helpless and hopeless.

But, when we maintain the hope that it is possible, we are able to complete the task with much less weight than we expected.

This is the beginning of our spiritual journey.

Once we name and sort, we are able to carry the weight of our own responsibilities, the tensions that come forth by engaging with these tasks consciously,

as well as acknowledging the weight that monotony of our task bring.

To hear about Psyche's other 3 tasks, click here.


If the information in this episode resonates with you and you desire to begin more in depth and guided work, learn more about Danielle's 12 week Born to Heal course here!

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