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Relational Insecurities

In today's episode I discuss the roots of lack of trust stirring in a partnership and offer different perspectives on how to navigate that space.

Instead of:

"Can I trust my partner?" try:

"Does my inner child trust me in this moment?"


When a relationship is seemingly honest on the surface, yet still feeling insecure and struggling to feel like we can trust someone.


When working with a self saboteur, we want to turn towards an exploration of potential traumatic experiences and early relational blueprints. We unpacking the powerful and unmediated energy that moves through the psyche at the time of a relational rupture.


The autonomous protectors block us from realizing that as adults consciously, our defenses can block the access to our life giving function, our essence, and the innocent core of our being as well as the essence of our individuality.


Cognitive insight needs to be balanced out with conscious processing of unconscious affects. O symptoms are just the mirrors to our inner suffering.


Unpacks the example of the layers of the symptoms, protectors, and the deep tender wounds within the psyche.


Meeting the orphaned inner child.


Can I trust my partner is an incomplete question. Rather, does my inner child trust me in this moment to navigate this without abandoning them?


If we continue to relate from unconscious childhood wounding patterns,

we keep ourselves locked out of our essence, our innocence, spontaneity, and creativity that is inherent in our nature that makes the human experience worthwhile.

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