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Psychology: Psyche and Logos

Today's episode of the show I discuss how psyche and logos are and are NOT represented within modern psychology.

I offer musings on James Hillman's The Myth of Analysis regarding revisioning psychology and opening more space for an archetypal perspective.


Danielle breaks down the etymology of psyche and logos. Logos is finding the divine order, in things, and psyche is symbolic of soul. Would that imply that psychology is really about finding divine order within soul?


Approaching the psyche as a pantheon of gods. Asking what God, what archetype, is moving through us at this time and influencing our behavior?


Diagnostics can strip us of humanity, it can strip the soul out of the human experience. Asking what is influencing this sacred individual's soul at this moment in time?


The images within have to be considered as full realities, not "mere fantasies."


We have to remove willpower from the "development" pedestal. It has to learn to sit alongside the unconscious manifestations of emotions, dreams, fantasies of imagination, symbols, etc.


Shifting from a "how" and "why" perspective to a "what" perspective.


Finding deep meaning in the process of self reflection and meeting the inner world.

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