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Love is...

In today's The Embodied Podcast episode I am joined by my fiancé Rick Alexander to have another deep end discussion about Love.

What is Love?

Where is it found?

What cultural myths influence how we engage with Love?


How the conceptual and rational sits in our relationship to the "outer" world.


Right and left hemisphere associations with psyche.


How does presence, future orientation, and Love have to do with each other?


When language falls short in the realm of the ineffable.


Is it the lack of accepting the fundamental ontological position of Love that keeps us from accepting ourselves and the present moment?


Religion presented as a way of seeing.


Bumping into dark figures of psyche, is there Love there too?


The association between music and Love.


What is the archetypal image influencing our culture's tendency to dissociate and disconnect?

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Thanks for being here.

Much love,


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