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Loss and Grieving Journal Prompts

In today's Instagram Post we addressed grief and loss.

The experience of loss is very personal.

It may vary from person to person different.

The loss may be a physical death, a break up, a job loss, the loss of a pet, the loss of a former version of you.

"The worst loss is always your loss."-David Kessler

Give yourself the permission, the space, and time to process you loss while knowing that there is NO timeline for a grieving process.


These journal prompts are here to invite you to explore how things may shift and change throughout the process.

This exercise keeps you in touch with your emotions and thoughts daily so that you can stay connected to what you are experiencing.

This helps us handle the overwhelm associated with negative emotion as well as help us avoid over identifying with our emotions and attaching a "forever" stamp to our feelings.


Keep a grief journal in which you write every day about your journey. 

Use these prompts to help guide your process.

Today, my grief feels like __________. Today, I’m surprised that I feel__________. Today, I’m really missing__________. Today, I wish that__________.


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