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Check yo' self.

As the mindfulness movement continues to grow and expand, you guys know that the AlphaFemme team is in full support of it

The benefits from a mindful journaling practice are emerging from research around the globe.

Research from UT Austin states that the act of journaling with pen and paper (or the Notes on your iPhone) accesses the left brain, which is analytical and rational, leaving your right brain is free to create, intuit, and feel. By exploring and expanding new neural pathways within our brains, journaling has said to offer the following benefits:

1. Clarity around your thoughts and feelings.

2. Increased self awareness around triggering situations.

3. Reduction of the neurophysiological stress response.

4. Increased intuition and problem solving ability.

5. Improvement in conflict resolution.

Due to the massive effect it has had in both of our lives, Megan and I have decided to give you some tools to help initiate your own journaling practice.

We are going to start this resource by offering one journaling prompt each day for every day of this week. These prompts are attempts to start exploring and catalyze curiosity around where you stand in your fitness and wellness journey.

So grab your pen and paper and just start writing here.

Remember, try to release all judgment you hold over your thoughts, the goal is to be completely objective and just write!


Day 1 Prompt:

  • Set a 6 min timer then:

--> List all of things/people/places/qualities that bring you joy.

  • Reset your timer for 6 minutes:

-->Now list of things/places/people/qualities that frustrate you/energy zap you.

  • Set a timer for 3-5 minutes:

-->Reflect on how much of your day has brought you joy versus what has brought you frustration.

-->How can you incorporate more joy and remove the frustrations?


Day 2 Prompt (Training Prompt)

  • Set a 15 min timer:

--> What does being healthy mean to you? 

-->Where in your life are you living outside of your definition of health?

-->What things about your current training program do you enjoy?

-->What things about your current training program do you dread?


Day 3 Prompt (Nutrition Prompt):

  • Imagine food being a person that you are in a relationship with. 

-->How do you view food? 

-->How do you nurture that relationship? 

-->How do you neglect it?

-->How much time do you invest in the relationship, too much, or too little?


Day 4 Prompt (Health Prompt)

  • Set a 15 min timer:

-->How have you been taking care of yourself this week?

-->What boundaries do you have in place to support that?

-->How do you celebrate yourself?


Day 5 Prompt (Establishing a Vision)

  • Take 10-15 minutes.

  • Close your eyes and picture you in five 3-5 years from now.

  • Don't get hung up on thoughts of what “should be” or the “how," just imagine your ideal life:

--> What are you doing?

-->Who are you surrounded by

-->Where are you living?

-->What qualities do you embody?

-->What work are you doing?

-->What activities are you into?

  • Reflect on your answers and if who you are today and your current actions are in alignment with that 5 year vision.


Our hope is that after 5 days of journaling with the prompts above, you will become more mindful around the way you are currently showing up in your life. Our hope is that you begin to take an empowered, realistic look at the way you can start showing up as the absolute best version of yourself...not only for you, but for those around you, and quite frankly the world!

You heal, I heal, We all heal!

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