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The Symbolism of Injection

Today's episode is an interesting one.

I'm discuss something that is so incredibly charged throughout our collective right now. You might be sick of hearing about vaccines, but in this podcast, I really want to approach it from a depth perspective, from a nuanced perspective. No matter where you personally stand on the topic and the subject, no matter if you are vaccinated or unvaccinated, you can find a home here and really just be. I discuss the symbol of injection and how it is affecting modern culture.


Danielle unpacks a few quotes from Erich Neumann's The Origins and History of Consciousness about the "mass man."


Danielle discusses the separation of modern man from unconscious roots and discusses the implications of Neumann's quotes in one sided ways of living.


Danielle unpacks a metaphor of a pendulum for the psychic enantiodromia that occurs when an individual cannot hold paradox within.


Symbols can be transformers to bring the intense energy held within the transpersonal archetypal realm into a digestible form.


Danielle offers a symbolic interpretation of the potent symbol of injection.


Danielle advocates to ask deeper questions to search for the unconscious symbol that is playing itself out beneath the surface and to attempt to make that conscious. What's actually happening here? What archetype is trying to move in and through the psyche? Is there space for the archetype to move through?


Relationships can also be transformers of numinous unconscious energy.

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Thanks for being here.

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