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Hamstring Performance Care

This Week's Performance Care:

Today we will address the Hamstrings.

We will implement hamstring work into our weekly core, as well as work on flexibility/mobility for the hamstrings.

**Video links attached to each exercise



Perform as a circuit x 3 rounds, with minimal rest between each exercise:

(10 variations included)

Rest 1 min then move into the following:

One Leg Planks x 1 min alternating legs every 20 sec

***You can perform up to 3 rounds of these



Dynamic Warmups Pre Workout:

Sciatic Nerve Glides x 5/side (gentle)

Hip Airplanes x 5/side


End Range Hamstring Curls x 10/side (can use cable or band)

Eccentric SL RDL x 10/side (3-5 sec lower)


As with everything...

Everything I program at AlphaFemme is intentional.  From the strength days, to the rest days, to the flow days, to the warmup, cool downs, contemplations, monthly live calls...literally everything. At AlphaFemme, I believe how you do one thing is representative of your relationship to that thing and most likely representative of the relationship to yourself.  Our Embodied Warrior program allows for connection to the body, while also becoming deeply aware of your relationship to self. 


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Thank you for supporting the mission of AlphaFemme by honoring and supporting the vessel that keeps you moving daily.

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