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Lat Performance Care


Below are my go to exercises for improving latissimus flexibility and mobility.

I recommend that you implement a structured and appropriate strength training routine to complement these exercises.

These exercises are built to complement your hybrid strength/endurance program. **Video links attached to each exercise.



Hollow Hold Single Arm Pullovers x 10/side

Barbell Rollouts x 10

Kip Swing/Hollow Arch x 10

Birddog Lat Pull x 10/side


Dead Hangs x 30 sec

Active Hangs x 30sec

Lat Stretch/Thoracic Extension x 10

Band Assisted T Spine Rotation x 10/side SLOW Banded Snatch Grip Deadlifts x 5-8 reps

2:1 Inverted Rows x 5/side (adjust incline to modify)

Iso Pull Up Holds x 20-30 sec



If you like these pieces, you'll love The Embodied Warrior.

As with everything, every piece of programming is intentional. 

From the strength days, to the rest days, to the flow days, to the warmup, cool downs, contemplations, monthly live calls...literally everything.

I believe how you do one thing most likely represents the relationship you have with all things.

Our Embodied Warrior program allows for connection to the body, while also becoming deeply aware of your relationship to self.

If you're interested in joining the program, click here to find out more.


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