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Awakening the Sacred Feminine by Anahata Ananda

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Then She Remembered Who She Was...

BEFORE society told her who to be.

BEFORE magazines and media showed her how to dress.

BEFORE her emotions and voice were silenced.

BEFORE she was taught how to see her body is flawed and imperfect.

BEFORE peer pressure imposed its will and won.

BEFORE she took on the bloodline karma of her relatives.

BEFORE her intuition was replaced with people pleasing.

BEFORE the oppression desecration manipulation aggression and sedation.

BEFORE she traded her self-love and self acceptance for the tireless pursuit of acquiring it from others.

BEFORE her internal soul GPS was hijacked and was sent down the wrong path only and become lost.


A Bold Authentic Expression of Divine Beat & Perfection.

Sisters we are remembering who we are.

We are peeling back the layers tending to the wounds nourishing ourselves with love coming home to the truth in order to reveal the rose 🌹 in the garden that was always there.

~ Anahata Ananda


This was a piece written by Anahata Ananda, my personal coach and mentor.

Anahata Ananda blends the compassion and tenderness of an Angel and the wisdom and strength of a Shaman to guide profound journeys of core healing and spiritual awakening.

As a Certified High-Performance Coach, Shamanic Healer and Soul Guide, Anahata has guided thousands of individuals through core life shifts, helping them to turn their life around and manifest the life of their dreams. 

Anahata is the host of the internationally acclaimed Shamangelic Healing Podcast.

She is the founder of Shamangelic Healing, based in Sedona Arizona, where she offers high-performance coaching, inspirational workshops, group retreats, private healing sessions, and online courses.

On June 9th, 2020, Anahata and I will be doing an IG LIVE at 9:30 pm EST on my page @deebird20 and we will be discussing Anahata's imprint of service in the world.

I will be recording the IG LIVE and uploading the audio here for you to listen to in the future.

Thank you for your constant support in my mission to spread holistic healing education, tools, and skill across the world!

For more about Anahata's services,

To listen to Shamangelic Healing Podcast with Anahata Ananda,

For Anahata's balancing the masculine and feminine course, visit:

For Anahata's Sacred Feminine Series, visit: 

All the love,


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