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The Body’s Unspoken Voice

In today's The Embodied Podcast episode I discuss how our stories and our memories associated with trauma are connected (or disconnected) from the body and the somatic experience.


Sometimes the body can become over coupled with our story of trauma, meaning it's over related with the story of trauma. The sensations in the body are so deeply connected to the story that we tell that we can either get very stuck in the sensations that are associated with the memories and the stories associated with our trauma.


How do we slow down and recognize this over coupling of sensation and story?


We also might live in a way that we live below our stories, meaning our stories are under coupled or are distanced from the body.


The difference is telling the story from an integrated place vs. a place of survival and dysregulation.


Symptoms of our story and body connection being off: feeling disconnected from other people, feeling unseen by others, feeling very misunderstood, feeling like there's just something deeper there that we can't access via language, but we know it's there.

If you need help working through your connection of your stories to your body, check out the 1-1 Somatic Experiencing work I do.

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