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Shoulds and Shame

In today's Embodied Podcast episode

I discuss how shame, guilt, and pride all get constellated when we tell ourselves that we "should" be feeling differently than what is presenting in the present moment.


We try to reorient our experiences and change them to something they are not. This leads us to believe and act as if we are the sole controllers of all of the things that are happening within us.


Shame and nervous system ruptures. Chronic sensation of shame are the result of relational ruptures that are not followed with repair.


How guilt is archetypally built into our psychology and how to differentiate and navigate between guilt and shame.


Pride lays at the opposite end of the spectrum from shame. How pride and shame get confused in the desire to feel adequate and validated.


Toxic shame and the imprisonment of soul expression.


The armored individual and how we protect ourselves from experiencing the sensation of shame.


Disrupting the pattern of past shame and getting to the archetype in you that is influencing that shame.


Three journal prompts to turn inwards and start tend and get to know the shame working inside of you.

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