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Everyone dreams every single night...whether you remember them or not is another story.


This means that the unconscious psyche offers us an endless stream of content every night in the form of dream images.


With this, we have an opportunity to dive in and explore the psyche.


This dream group is for anyone who is curious to begin stepping towards working with unconscious images in an intimate setting.


In this group we will be spontaneously exposed to various types of dreams as well as the archetypal images held within them.


When exploring the depths contained within the dream space, we are able to explore the innate wisdom of psyche which may amplify and shed light upon the unknown aspects of ourselves.

Jung suggested that we "dream the myth onwards," and that is my intention in this group.

This dream group is a place where SIX individuals can come together for the purpose of helping each other work out the feelings and metaphors conveyed by the imagery within their dreams.


It is the nature of dream work that it can be carried on most effectively in the presence of two or more people.


It is not easy to achieve the same degree of honesty about ourselves by ourselves.


We tend to ward off unpleasantness and fall into more expedient ways of seeing ourselves.

The intention of this group relates to and respects the level of honesty displayed in the dream.

This facilitates greater honesty on the part of the dreamer as they learn to trust the intentions of the group. Further trust develops in the act of trusting.


This is a small, intimate group of 6 individuals (max), along with Danielle holding the container and leading the group.

This group will meet for 6 sessions every 2 weeks via Zoom on Wednesday evenings from 3-5 MST beginning on March 16, 2022.

The following dates for this group will be:

  • Mar 16, 2022 @ 3- 5 PM MST

  • Mar 30, 2022 @ 3- 5 PM MST

  • Apr 13, 2022 @ 3- 5 PM MST

  • Apr 27, 2022 @ 3- 5 PM MST

  • May 11, 2022 @ 3- 5 PM MST

  • May 25, 2022 @ 3- 5 PM MST

The cost for the 6 total sessions is $250 USD per person.

Join the next dream group beginning in March.

Dream group will begin March 16th and will meet every two weeks for 6 sessions total.

To join the upcoming group, click below.


Hi all, I am Danielle and I will serve as the guide for this dream group. I will also be providing the emotional containment for this group. I currently serve as an archetypal embodiment coach and I am enthusiastic about the various ways to cultivate an inner eye towards psyche. Dream work, in combination with somatic work is my favorite way to do that.


I am guided in this process by intuition and the sensations constellated by the dream images. I have extensive experience with dream work through my personal Jungian analysis and I have experience being in a dream group led by a Jungian analyst.


I am also engaged in extensive academic study of dream work, depth psychology, and the mythopoetic basis of psyche.

I am currently completing my PhD in Depth and Archetypal Studies at Pacifica Graduate Institute, I hold a Doctorate in physical therapy (DPT) from West Virginia University, and I am completing a trauma informed Somatic Experiencing Practitioner training through SEI.

With one foot in science and the other in the sacred, my intention is to bridge the broken connections between mind and body. I believe in the self regulating power of psyche and through the transformative wisdom of dream work we are able to honor psyche and the wisdom it offers us in a sacred way. 

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