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The Embodied Warrior

What does it mean to be an Embodied Warrior?

With societal pace at an all time high:

Can you evaluate what your energy level feels like in the present moment?

-Are you tired, energized, feeling strong, weak?

-Does your body feel strong?

-Does your body feel healthy?

Do you stop and notice your breath?

"In the 1970's researcher Peter Levine noted that the animals who can face threats to their survival on a daily basis, and don't become traumatized by these threats seemed to possess innate coping mechanisms that enabled them to recover from these events relatively quickly and return to normal functioning.

Levine noticed that human beings have a tendency to override the recovery back to normal functioning.

This means chaos and traumatic experiences can leave our human nervous systems stuck on high alert.

Our nervous systems can become caught in a chronic state of activation, draining our energy and creating habitual patterns of tension in the body.

Over time, this leads us to construct our lives on a foundation of defenses designed to protect us and keep us safe from danger.

People can find themselves increasingly living in a loop of self-perpetuating stress and anxiety, with no idea how to break the cycle."

- Gavin Conkchie, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner



Somatics is understanding that the mind, the body, the self and our rationality are inextricably linked.

To develop one, you must cultivate the others.

Embodiment involves training the nervous system to be an expression of deep connection starting from the inside out.



The goal of The Embodied Warrior template program is to

deepen the connection to our physical sensations and increase awareness around our emotions as they arise in the body.

The program was designed to reach the individual navigate more skilfully through states of stress and high activation towards increased states of equanimity.

To learn more about our newest Embodied Warrior program beginning March 30th, click here.


On March 11th, 2020, I will be doing an IG LIVE at 8:30 pm EST on my page @deebird20 . I will be interviewed by Rick Alexander. We will be discussing the newest evolutions of AlphaFemme, answering questions, and sharing my passions with you. I will be recording the IG LIVE and uploading the audio here for you to listen to in the future. Thank you for your constant support in my mission to spread holistic healing education, tools, and skill across the world!

All the love,


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