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It is what it is...or is it?

In today's The Embodied Podcast episode I discuss the paradox of the statement,

"It is what it is."

I discuss the pitfalls of accepting that statement without further investigation to what truths are swirling beneath "what is."

I talk about when we literalize our experience, we freeze it and it becomes a stereotypical, deadened experience without meaning or purpose.


We want to lift up that statement "it is what it is" and ask questions in order to see through the WHAT, it what is actually happening.


We can start to see how acceptance of what is, isn't just a passive acceptance, it's an active participation with psyche in order to attempt to understand and interact with the greater myth that's unfolding from this experience.


What emotions, what fantasies, what ideas are circling around the experience of what is?


I use an example of betrayal up against the "it is what it is" narrative to see through the deeper meanings found within a betrayal.


"What is" isn't necessarily concerned with you being happy. We have to search deeper than just happiness.


Metaphorical and symbolic perspectives help return a sense of aliveness, so we don't feel so deadened by experiences of "what is" in life.

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