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Is tracking backtracking?

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

Tracking vs. Not Tracking, Clarity on Goals.

by Megan Leskody

In January 2019, I set a goal for myself not track (though My Fitness Pal) or weigh any of my food.


Well, I have tracked my food for almost 3 years pretty strictly, without ever really even taking a break.

In 2018 I found myself hitting a lot of challenges around logging my food.

And what I mean by challenges, is that I had an attachment to it.

Despite being one of the only things I could control, inevitably, it was controlling me.

So as 2019 approached I started to evaluate where I could be better this year, and attachment was a huge opportunity for me.

The thought of not logging and weighing my food was honestly terrifying.

My thoughts were:

"I’m going to get fluffy,"

"All my fitness is going to go out of the window,"

"I am going to lose muscle," etc, etc, etc.  

Wild thoughts, I know.

I coach people on how to have a healthy relationship with food, yet I wasn’t walking the walk.  I was letting food control me...STILL!

So fast forward...9 months logging or weighing.


Here's what I've gained in the last 9 months:

-Confidence in myself and confidence in the knowledge I've built over the last 3 years on how to fuel my body properly.

-Grace when it comes to listening to my body and giving it what it asks for, within reason.  I had a cookie when I wanted a cookie, if I wasn’t hungry I didn’t eat to try and hit all my macros.

-An improved recognition of when I am actually hungry versus eating out of habit.

-Stillness and more presence in my day to day.

-A freedom and increased bandwidth in my mind to be able to pour into other aspects of my life (the focus to grow my nutrition business).


Here's what I've lost in the last 9 months:

-Fear around not tracking every single thing I put in my mouth.

-A need to exclude myself from social events.

-Extreme attachment to knowing exactly what protein/carb/fat numbers I am hitting for the day.


Letting go of attachment has not been easy, but by the end of January I really started to embrace the freedom.

I would not have been able to do this without the time I spent with my nutrition coach in order to build a level of awareness around nutrition, learning how to eat balanced meals, and learning what my body needs to be fueled effectively based on my goals!

The time I spent tracking, logging, and weighing was a staple in my tool belt, and for that I have so much gratitude for it.

I truly believe it has its time and place.

Who knows if I will ever start logging macros again, it depends on my goals and how they evolve throughout life, but currently I am working out for overall health and to have fun.

My purpose and building a wellness community are my main focuses right now, therefore logging strictly is not conducive given my goals.

I will say, I am itching to get into some kind of performing, so we will see what the next 3-6 months brings and how my nutrition can support my new goals for that season!

With all of that said, if you feel like you are lacking an awareness around food or how to fuel your body appropriately, I’ve been there, I've walked in those shoes.

Not knowing what to eat or how or where to even start is overwhelming! 

The best decision I made was hiring a coach.

I would love to help you on your journey of finding freedom and love through nutrition.

All the love,


If you are interested in working 1-on-1 with Megan CLICK HERE!

If you are interested in Megan's Meal Prep Made Simple EBOOK CLICK HERE!

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