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Bracing Performance Care


This week we will address BRACING

Bracing is so crucial to overall strength development and carries with it immense transfer into activities of daily lifting outside of the gym.  **Video links attached to each exercise


Perform as a circuit x 3 rounds, with 30 sec rest between each exercise:

Offset loaded Farmer's Carries 3 x 50ft (switching sides at 25ft)

Banded Deadbugs 3 x 10/leg

Rest 1 min then move into the following:

KB Side Plank 2 x 30/sec 

Plank March 2 x 20 (10/arm)

Rest as needed between sets

Finish with 3-5 min of diaphragmatic breathing in the


Braced Deadlift Iso Holds x 30-40 sec at 60-65% of DL

Banded March x 30-60 sec

Front loaded tempo good mornings x 5 (4sec down/2 sec hold/4 sec up)


As with everything...

Everything I program at AlphaFemme is intentional.  From the strength days, to the rest days, to the flow days, to the warmup, cool downs, contemplations, monthly live calls...literally everything. At AlphaFemme, I believe how you do one thing is representative of your relationship to that thing and most likely representative of the relationship to yourself.  Our Embodied Warrior program allows for connection to the body, while also becoming deeply aware of your relationship to self. 


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