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What inspires you is also within you.

Have you ever read or heard a story about a warrior or a goddess and felt like something within your soul was deeply connected to the story or personification of that particular goddess?

It's because as humans, we are drawn to archetypes.
An archetype is symbol or motif in literature, art, or mythology.

These archetypes are patterns of instinctual behaviors that are contained in a collective unconscious.
By sharing, comparing, and understanding these archetypes, our human brains can inherently understand deep, unconscious things about ourselves.

These archetypes can make us feel deeply inspired if it relates to our life's story.

It's important to note that what you admire about a certain archetype may resonate so deeply because that behavior, thought, or pattern also lies deep within your soul.

The Virgin Goddesses

These represent the independent, self-sufficient qualities in women

The Vulnerable Goddesses

These represent the traditional roles of wife, mother, and daughter

The transformative goddesses

These represent love and beauty, erotic attraction, sensuality, sexuality, and new life.

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